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Catania Sailing Vibes Tour

Quick Details

Regular Tour
People Ages 3+
Tour with meal
People Ages 3+

Have Fun, Learn About Sailing, and Discover Catania by the Sea!

This sailing experience is focused on having fun while sailing, respecting nature, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, and sailing knowledge. Enjoy this exciting sport activity while relaxing, swimming, and enjoying life. The yacht is fully equipped and meets all standards of comfort and safety.

First we show you around the sailboat and start introducing you to the basics of sailing, the winds, and the ocean. After the departure, we set sail and all the guests can cooperate in opening the main sail, the jib, and the sport activities. We sail along the volcanic coastline of Catania, where fire meets water and creates a fascinating scenery.

You learn not only sailing techniques but also stories about Catania and tales of Greek mythology, many of which took place here.

Last but not least, you have the chance to take a swim near the Ulisses Grotto or the Cyclops Riviera and cheers with a glass of Prosecco. After the sail, we head back to the harbour and enjoy our goodbye drink.

At the beginning of the tour, you are registered as supporter of ASD SICILIANSAIL by filling a short form to be enrolled in our sailing club.